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Here at R.S Metal Framing we specialise in delivering solutions that cover both traditional and modern iron work procedures to homes and businesses across Fort Worth. Our skilled iron workers understand the technical requirements involved to produce good iron and steel plating, suitable for a range of products across building sites, statues as well as railings and vehicles.Get in touch with us today on 6827855585 to learn more about the services we offer.

A passion to get it done right

We make all of our bespoke designs unique, using the best materials available to keep our quality as high as possible. A balance of both beauty and convenience without any compromises. We are happy to get our hands dirty to make something beautiful for you. We’ll provide the expert touch that, paired with your guidance and approval, can truly build whatever you desire in the way you see fit.

Contemporary iron works

Ironwork is an age old tradition, however we pride ourselves on incorporating modern techniques and technologies as well as ensuring that our products are fit for the modern market. To do this, we often work carefully with architects and designers to ensure that our iron products can be used exactly as envisioned. We pride ourselves on creating the perfect piece each and every time. We can also offer consultations.


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